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Whatever your measure of success – call-back, click-through, enquiries, completed sales – our Direct Mail expertise will get you where you want to be.

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There’s real power in getting your message straight into the hands of your customers. That’s where our expertise counts. We create those moments of real engagement, using personalisation to strengthen relationships between brands and consumers.

Multiple formats

With camera matching technology and optical scanners reading pre-set codes, the collation possibilities are as exciting and they varied.

High/low volume

From complex, integrated national campaigns to one-off prestige mailings designed to impress and empower, our dedication to delivering the job exactly as require never wavers.

Data services

Clean, healthy data delivers results. We run a tight ship when it comes to data management and maintaining the integrity of the data we work with, so the companies that choose us to partner with them can have the utmost confidence in the reliability of our operations.

Data Cleanse

Data cleaning

We follow best practice principles with regard to managing and analysing data and keeping it in good condition. Every item is health-checked at the outset of a project so that any issues can be fixed and effectiveness maximised.

Door drops

The door drop is still alive and well, and punching above its weight. Recent research figures reveal that around a third of recipients respond to door drops and go on to make purchases. Speak to us to find out more.

Secured mail

Our high-speed inserters have the capacity to enable secure fulfilment of a wide array of mail packs with the inclusion of multiple inserts.

The benefits of using our Direct Mail service

Whatever your measure of success from direct mail, be it call-back, click-through, customer enquirers or completed sales, Send DM’s smart thinking will help you get where you want to be.

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