Door Drop

Leaflet distribution, or door drop, as it’s more commonly known, is one of the most cost-effective, targeted marketing solutions any business can use to promote its services.

Send DM can design your door drop campaign

Targeted Door Drop

Geographical Targeting

We support your campaign planning through our free targeting service.



Our leaflets are delivered by a specialist team with high flexibility. We have exceptionally quick lead times compared to our rivals.



We deliver without any accompanying mail, which maximises your visibility.


Tracking information is supplied at the end of the door drop to confirm that the deliveries have taken place.


Our post campaign insights will show you exactly where has been covered.


Cost Effective

In most instances we are more cost effective than the Royal Mail.

Why choose our distribution options?

In an increasingly digital world, there is a tactile marketing experience that you could be missing… A direct way of communicating a message as part of your media mix, without using personal data.
With blanket flyer distribution, our professional leaflet distributors can reach large numbers of potential customers.
At Send DM, we support you to create targeted campaigns and evidence delivery, putting your mind at ease with GPS tracking. We offer a complete leaflet delivery service, including design, printing, and campaign despatch.

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