Organising the most suitable types of mailings and postage rates can be a tricky business. Cost-savings aren’t always as obvious as you might think. When it comes to taking advantage of the most cost-effective postal methods available, a little knowledge goes a long way. And in this particular area, we have a lot of knowledge.

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UK Postage

The postal services available to us today are more competitive than ever, making choosing the right provider increasingly challenging. Fortunately we have the know-how to cut through the confusion and consistently get to the best value options.


European / International Postage

Thanks to our partnerships with international consolidators we can help you make the most of all kinds of services, rates and operational costs – avoiding the minefield of costly mistakes.



Even with the simplest of mailings, the right knowledge can reveal economies that will significantly reduce costs. Speak to our specialist team about how best to maximise the potential savings on postage.

packing box

Packets / Parcels / Pallets

We’ve sent all sorts of weird and wonderful things; from industrial grinding discs to branded water bottles to flat-pack recycling bins… so whatever you want to package up and wherever you want to parcel it off to, our specialists will be able to make light work of it.



From data preparation through to despatch and delivery, the Mailsort process will often play a hugely important role in Direct Mail campaigns. Our expertise in utilising the reduced rate benefits that Mailsort delivers can achieve impressive savings in mailing costs.


Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet campaigns can be one of the most powerful direct marketing tools for any business. Our 22 years of experience combined with innovative audience targeting means we can help you build campaigns that achieve maximum coverage and maximum impact.

The benefits of partnering with Send DM

Time is money. So it’s worth remembering that getting bogged down in the dizzying complexities of postage and mailing regulations can leave you, not only time poor, but struggling to balance your budget.

Having the right partner saves you money. Talk to us and find out how you can start saving now.

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