Direct Mail Examples Tailored by Send DM

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool; at Send DM, we excel in crafting impactful campaigns that deliver results. Here are some examples of direct mail formats that we specialise in:


Postcards are designed to catch the eye and deliver your message effectively. With a concise yet compelling message and a clear call to action, we work with our customers to ensure their promotion stands out in the recipient’s mailbox.

Personalised Letters:

Personalised letters address recipients by name, adding a personal touch to our customer’s campaigns. Whether targeting a specific segment or sending out invitations, tailored letters make a lasting impression.


Working with our customers, we ensure their brochures showcase their products or services in the best light. With detailed information and captivating imagery, they engage recipients and drive them to take action.


Catalogues are like miniature showrooms, offering a comprehensive view of our customers’ offerings. From detailed descriptions to stunning visuals, catalogues inspire recipients to explore and make purchases.


Attention-grabbing and informative, flyers deliver key messages quickly and effectively. Whether you’re promoting a sale or announcing an event, we help businesses to


Sending out product samples or trial offers is a great way to entice potential customers. With our customers’ sampling campaigns, recipients get a first-hand experience of their offerings, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Dimensional Mailers:

Stand out with unique shapes and packaging, leaving a lasting impression. We ensure customers ‘ mailers, from custom designs to creative packaging, grab attention.

At Send DM, we take care of every step of the direct mail process, from start to send. Our friendly and professional team is dedicated to delivering personalised services that meet your unique needs. Partner with us for your next direct mail campaign and experience the difference that Send DM can make.

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