Print Techniques for Direct Mail Tailored by Send DM

Print techniques are essential for creating direct mail pieces that grab attention and drive action. Through our in-house printing technologies and working closely with trusted partners, Send DM deliver exceptional results. Here are some of the print techniques we offer: Offset Printing: Our offset printing services produce high-quality, consistent results for large print runs. With […]

Direct Mail Campaign Process Tailored by Send DM

We understand the importance of a well-executed direct mail campaign at Send DM. Here’s how we approach the process, from start to send: Define Your Objectives: We work closely with you to define the goals of your campaign, whether it’s generating leads, driving sales, or increasing brand awareness. With our expertise in direct mail, we […]

Direct Mail Examples Tailored by Send DM

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool; at Send DM, we excel in crafting impactful campaigns that deliver results. Here are some examples of direct mail formats that we specialise in: Postcards: Postcards are designed to catch the eye and deliver your message effectively. With a concise yet compelling message and a clear call to […]

Elegant and Personalised Wedding Invitations by Send DM

In preparation for their special day, a couple sought to create unique and memorable wedding invitations for 150 guests, each personalised with the recipient’s name and a custom QR code. They required a solution that not only managed the direct mail and fulfilment of these invitations but also embraced their creative design made in Canva. […]

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