Print Techniques for Direct Mail Tailored by Send DM

Print techniques are essential for creating direct mail pieces that grab attention and drive action. Through our in-house printing technologies and working closely with trusted partners, Send DM deliver exceptional results. Here are some of the print techniques we offer:

Offset Printing:

Our offset printing services produce high-quality, consistent results for large print runs. With precise colour matching and sharp detail, we ensure that your direct mail materials stand out.

Digital Printing:

At Send DM, our digital printing capabilities offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness for shorter print runs or personalised campaigns. With variable data printing, we customise each piece for maximum impact.

Variable Data Printing (VDP):

Personalisation is key to effective direct mail, and our variable data printing services allow us to tailor each piece of your mail to the individual recipient. From personalised offers to customised images, we make your mailers truly unique.

Embossing and Debossing:

Embossing and debossing techniques add tactile interest and dimensionality to your direct mail pieces. With raised textures and sunken effects, we create a memorable sensory experience for recipients.

Foil Stamping:

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your direct mail materials with Foil Stamping. With metallic or coloured foils, we create eye-catching accents that command attention and convey quality.

Die Cutting:

Die-cutting allows for creative and unique shapes that make your mailers stand out. From custom designs to intricate patterns, we bring your vision to life with precision and skill.


Add a layer of protection and durability to your direct mail materials with Lamination. With smooth, glossy finishes, we enhance colours and images for maximum impact.

Spot Varnishing:

Spot varnishing highlights specific areas of your direct mail pieces, adding contrast and visual interest. With clear varnishes, we draw attention to key elements and create a polished look.

Colour Laser Printing:

We also offer colour laser printing, which provides vibrant colour reproduction. Additionally, our colour laser printers can print onto window envelopes without causing damage. This capability allows for personalised window envelopes that maintain integrity and professionalism.

At Send DM, we’re dedicated to delivering print solutions that exceed your expectations. With our expertise, trusted partners and attention to detail, we ensure that your direct mail materials make a lasting impression on recipients. Partner with us for your next direct mail campaign and experience the difference that Send DM can make.

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