Elegant and Personalised Wedding Invitations by Send DM

In preparation for their special day, a couple sought to create unique and memorable wedding invitations for 150 guests, each personalised with the recipient’s name and a custom QR code. They required a solution that not only managed the direct mail and fulfilment of these invitations but also embraced their creative design made in Canva.

Services Provided by Send DM
Send DM provides a comprehensive service by blending direct mail with detailed fulfilment tasks. Key services included:

  • Printing and Personalisation: Utilising the client’s custom design, Send DM ensured each invitation was printed with high-quality standards and personalised with the recipient’s name and a bespoke QR code.
  • Creative Collaboration: After receiving the design in PDF format, Send DM worked closely with the couple to ensure the final product would print correctly, even sourcing a specific font that matched their original vision.
  • Detail-Oriented Fulfilment: Each invitation, including a hand-inserted QR code, was mailed to a unique address, and each envelope featured a small floral design from the invite, added with a creative touch.

Challenges and Solutions
The challenges were predominantly centred around ensuring high-quality production within a reasonable budget and maintaining the personal touch the couple desired:

  • Font and Design Accuracy: Initially, there was a concern when the desired font was not available. Send DM’s team, led by Jo, quickly sourced and secured the exact font, alleviating the client’s worries and ensuring design consistency.
  • Budget Constraints: Despite the sophisticated requirements, Send DM managed to keep costs competitive, addressing the client’s need for an affordable yet elegant solution.

The project achieved a 100% success rate regarding delivery accuracy and client satisfaction. The guests’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting on the effort and quality of the invitations, which enhanced their anticipation for the event.

“Jo and the team at Send DM were exceptional. Their attention to detail and proactive communication made a potentially stressful process smooth and enjoyable. They met and exceeded our expectations, especially with the personal touches that made our invitations stand out.

We were particularly impressed by how they handled the font issue promptly and kept us updated every step of the way. The print quality and personalised details, like the QR codes and names, were perfect. We received numerous compliments from our guests about the unique and high-quality invitations.”

The success of this project underscores Send DM’s capability to blend creativity with technical precision in direct mail services. The company’s commitment to client satisfaction and ability to deliver personalised, detail-oriented solutions at a competitive price make them a top recommendation for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their significant events. The couple has expressed their intent to use Send DM for future needs and highly recommends their services to others planning similar events.

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