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In-tree-guing new DM approach for Woodpecker Flooring

Entering a new market means exposing your brand to new audiences, cultivating new relationships and taking a significant step towards expanding scale. But what can be done to combat the challenge of standing out from the crowd and being seen when arriving in a new market?

We’ve been working with wood floor manufacturer, Woodpecker, to execute a modern and inventive direct mail campaign, designed to generate brand awareness and harness new relationships with audiences in the house build sector.

The desired outcome was to assume a real and effective initial connection with housebuilders and developers by taking a fresh, ‘stand-out’ approach to direct mail.

Working with their agency partner, Stills, Woodpecker created an attention-grabbing campaign, that used oak saplings and instructions on “how to grow your own oak floor” to drive engagement and bring the Woodpecker brand directly into the lives of their target audience.

The effect: a memorable, impactful and specialist mail drive, that cleverly tied an unusual gift item with the business and theme, helping associate Woodpecker as ‘the natural choice’ for wood flooring. Importantly, Woodpecker’s creativity battled the critical step of grabbing the recipient’s attention and getting them to view the enclosed information leaflet.

Overall, the projects positive results show how intelligent and creative direct mail techniques can give a business a substantial boost when reaching out to new markets.

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