Armistice Day Remembrance

Lest we forget

Our Team’s Tribute on Remembrance Day

As we approach Remembrance Day, it is a time for reflection, respect, and gratitude. This day, deeply rooted in our history and hearts, is an occasion to commemorate those who have bravely served our nation, their sacrifices shaping the world we live in today. Our team at Ethos/ Pinnacle/ Walters shares their personal connections and feelings towards this significant day, bringing to light the diverse yet unified sentiments that Remembrance Day evokes in each of us.

We asked our team what Remembrance Day means to them, and some have been kind enough to share their words with us. Join us in reading their comments below.

Clive Hamilton, Group Managing Director, Pinnacle

“As someone that served in the Navy in the Helicopter support fleet (RFA) as a young boy entrant going through training at 16 and joining my first ship at 17 years old, then four months later serving in the Falklands conflict, Remembrance Day gives me the opportunity to pay respect to all that have served. Gave their all for their country and to all the families that let their loved ones do a job in protecting our country.

It’s also a time to appreciate what I have, as when I was 17 years old, I was still a child that didn’t really take life too seriously, it seemed like an adventure not a war. After the Falklands I stayed in for another five years during the (some say the heights of) Cold War of the 80`s.”

Lisa Mawditt, Accreditations Manager, Ethos

“Personally, it’s a day to reflect on my Great Uncle Charlie who was killed before he reached the age of my youngest daughter. My father who spent time in Germany after the Second World War ended in operations to rebuild industry. My dear friend who fought in the Falkland’s war and my nephew who is serving in the army now… but it so much more.

It’s a moment in time to stop and reflect with pride on the immense sacrifice that people who went before us gave so that we could live as we live today.  Without this courageous generation each and every person’s life would be different.

It is a day to remember, marked with great sadness and great pride, a day to talk and educate our future generations in the hope that the day is always a day of remembrance into the future in the hope that peace can be preserved, and humans can learn and live in acceptance of each other with celebration of our differences.”

Peter Billinghay, Strategic Account Director, Walters

“I have been fortunate not to lose anyone in a conflict but can clearly remember the Falklands and Gulf Wars, not to mention the awful wars that are taking place today, with such a sad loss of life.

Remembrance focusses your mind and is an opportunity to honour and respect these brave people from the past and those currently in the armed services. My son-in-law is a Wing Commander in the RAF so it has particular relevance.

As you get older it also focusses your mind on family, friends and colleagues that have past (not that you ever forget them) and makes you realise how lucky we are.”

“upon the waters where they did go

There are no crosses row on row

Yet those who lie beneath the sea

Can rest in peace your country`s free”.

E.C. Boulton

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