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Send DM’s Role in the Summerhill Packaging and Gonzo Multimedia Collaboration

Client: Summerhill Packaging
Project: Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock – Super Deluxe Edition
Scope: Collation, Packaging, and Distribution

Summerhill Packaging, known for its bespoke packaging solutions, collaborated with Gonzo Multimedia to release the limited-edition Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock – Super Deluxe Edition. They chose Send DM, renowned for our fulfilment and distribution services expertise, to handle the complex logistics and distribution process.

 The project involved receiving multiple components, including the custom boxes created by Summerhill and various merchandise items.

These components were delivered in separate consignments, requiring organised storage and precise collation. The primary challenge was to ensure that every item was meticulously inserted into the presentation box, securely shrink-wrapped, and enclosed in a transit outer with a specific product barcode. The final step was to palletise and transport these items to a holding facility, all within a tight timeline to meet the product release date.

The Solution
Send DM employed a systematic approach to handle the complexity and scale of the project. The process was as follows:

Reception and Storage

As the various components and merchandise arrived, Send DM allocated a dedicated space in their warehouse for storage, ensuring that all items were accounted for and safely stored.

Collation and Packaging

Each item was carefully collated and inserted into the presentation boxes. Our team’s attention to detail ensured that each package was assembled correctly, reflecting the premium nature of the product.

Shrink-Wrapping and Enclosure

After the collation, each box was shrink-wrapped for added protection. It was then placed in a specially designed transit outer, sealed and affixed with a specific product barcode, facilitating easy tracking and handling.

Palletisation and Distribution

The final step involved palletising the packaged products and sending them to a holding facility, ready for distribution.

The Outcome
The collaboration was a resounding success. Send DM’s efficient and error-free execution ensured that the Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock – Super Deluxe Editions were scheduled for distribution. The approach taken by Send DM led to a meeting of fast turnaround requirements in preparation time and a 0% error-rate in packaging and distribution. The meticulous handling and packaging process upheld the product’s high-quality standards and contributed to an exceptional customer unboxing experience.

Trevor, the contact at Summerhill Packaging, praised Send DM’s reliability and commitment: “When we ask for a job to be done, we rely on our suppliers to get the job done on time and without errors. This is why we rely on Send DM time after time because we know the team at Send DM has our back and will go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive what they were expecting on time, every time.”

This project underscores Send DM’s expertise in handling complex fulfilment tasks with precision and care. Managing multiple components, adhering to strict timelines, and delivering error-free results demonstrates Send DM’s commitment to excellence.

For businesses looking to streamline their fulfilment process, reduce errors, and ensure on-time delivery, Send DM is the ideal partner. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Send DM stands ready to handle your fulfilment needs with the same level of dedication and excellence.

Contact Send DM today to explore how we can support your business in achieving its distribution and fulfilment goals.

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