University of Cumbria Personalised Leaflet Campaign

Send DM support to the University of Cumbria with a Personalised Leaflet Campaign

Client: University of Cumbria
Scope: Data and Personalisation, Direct Mail

Personalised communication is a beacon of engagement; up to 90% prefer brands offering personalised services or experiences, with 87% of consumers reporting that personalised content positively impacts their brand perception. The University of Cumbria sought to elevate its recruitment strategy by embracing customisation.

By partnering with Send DM, the university embarked on a pioneering leaflet campaign designed to resonate personally with each prospective student.

The Challenge

The University of Cumbria aimed to distribute leaflets that were not merely informative but tailored to each recipient, varying by the course they were starting and campus location. The objective was clear: to print a communication piece that felt uniquely personal, thereby increasing engagement and, ultimately, enrolment rates. The challenge lay in executing this high personalisation at scale, maintaining impeccable print quality, and adhering to a demanding dispatch schedule.

The Solution

Our approach was multi-faceted, leveraging advanced data management and printing technology to meet the university’s needs. Upon receiving a detailed database from the client containing specifics for each course and corresponding campus, the team at Send DM meticulously linked the correct images and text variations to ensure each leaflet was customised per the requirements of the University.

To achieve a professional finish, especially crucial given the solid black background that could easily betray flaws, a thicker paper was pre-creased to prevent cracking on the folds. This attention to detail in the production process underscored our commitment to quality for the client.

The Results

The personalised leaflet campaign for the University of Cumbria marked a significant achievement in targeted direct mail. Although the University did not disclose specific metrics on engagement or enrolment boosts, the precision in execution and the high quality of the printed materials spoke volumes of Send DM’s capacity to deliver complex, customised solutions.

Feedback from the university highlighted the effectiveness of the personalised approach, with the clients’ observations suggesting a positive reception from prospective students. The tangible feel of the high-quality leaflets, combined with the relevance of the customised content, likely contributed to a deeper connection with the university’s message.

Ron Southwood, Campaign and Content Manager at the University of Cumbria, comments, “Sean and the team at Send DM have consistently been very responsive to our asks – giving us expert guidance and supporting our direct marketing campaigns. We’re a happy customer and will continue to use them for their quick and professional service.”

Gillian Wilkinson, Campaign and Content Executive, continues, “I’ve not produced printed material to this level of personalisation before. I’m really impressed and will consider this an option for future campaigns.”

The University of Cumbria’s personalised leaflet campaign represents a strategic vision and technical expertise merge. We have worked hard to maintain a track record of innovation in print and direct mail services, and this was no exception. Send DM rose to the occasion by delivering a solution that was not just a service but a partnership to achieve a shared goal.

We want to thank the University for this opportunity to conduct this campaign and work alongside them on an exciting and engaging campaign.

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